The Urgent Need for Better Content Marketing Material in Estate Agency Marketing

RAT (Rawlings Agency Tip) no.143

The Urgent Need for Better Content Marketing Material in Estate Agency Marketing

It’s war out there! Are you one of many agents fighting over every instruction, exacerbated by low-fee agents nibbling away at your market share?

The thing is, no matter how good you are, it's how many people that know it that counts. But you can’t just tell them and expect their business! You have to engage, nurture, engage, nurture, engage and nurture. Today, earning the right to a homesellers’ business is all about CONTENT. So you have to ask yourself: “What are we actually saying?” After all, if most agents are doing more or less the same thing, then the words you use may be all you have left!

So if your marketing does not include appealing well-written advice, opinion and comment that is meaningful, relevant and timely, then you’re almost certainly missing out. Who’s noticing you; who’s talking about you, if all you do is advertise property?

If this strikes a nerve, and your marketing is still primarily property-focused rather than people/issues driven, then I may be able to help. As well as being an international estate agency trainer/consultant, I also write as a property journalist, with over 800 published articles. Why not take advantage of these two skills and let me provide you with a punchy Property Editorial Programme, exclusive to you in your area, that makes you look good. I’ll show you how to make the most of a content marketing programme that one agent described as his nuclear weapon for making the phone ring!

Please request a quote today and check availability in your area VIA THIS LINK and I’ll happily send you a no-obligation proposal along with some samples. Please note that I only work with one agency per location. Thanks.