The Ultimate Cold Calling Dialogue - Analysed

RAT (Rawlings Agency Tips) No.151. One of the most effective estate agency marketing techniques I know

The Ultimate Cold Calling Dialogue - Analysed

Cold calling or door knocking for instructions may seem old-fashioned, awkward, embarrassing, salesey and unprofessional. But done correctly it is none of these things and can be one of the cheapest, fastest-implemented and immediately profitable estate agency marketing activities you can undertake.

Here's my suggestion for the ultimate approach, followed by an analysis of each component... 

“Hi, it’s Richard Rawlings here from XYZ Estate Agents in Winchcombe Street, round the corner. I wondered if you can help me please. <PAUSE> We’re doing our six-monthly Pittville property market prediction, based on local homeowners’ current attitudes to the local property market.”

(Analysis: Be transparent. State who you are and where you’re from, reminding them how close you are to them as their local agent. “Round the corner” or “up the road” really helps with this. Tell them why you’re calling, and ask for their help. People are much more likely to respond to a request for help than anything else.)  

“I wondered if I could I ask you just four questions as part of our research, such as what do you like most about living in Pittville?” <ANSWER>.

(Analysis: “I wondered if…” is a softer way of saying “Give me something”. Then make sure you flow this into “such as what do you like most…” without pausing so that you have effectively asked the first question during your intro. It’s such a nice question that they’ll be happy to answer it and will feel less guarded about the following questions, with a manageable three to go.)

“And how long have you lived in your current property?” <ANSWER>

(Analysis: Using the word “and” helps to make this a conversation, not a prescripted Q&A.)

“And when might you next expect to move house again?” <ANSWER>

(Analysis: Although this is the killer question, just accept their answer to this whatever it might be – you can pick up on it if need be at the end of the conversation, as if it’s an afterthought)

“Finally, when the time does come to move, what do you think your main reason for moving might be?” <ANSWER>

(Analysis: The use of “finally” suggests you’re nearing the end of the conversation, depowering any anxiety they might have over “where is this going?”)

“Fabulous – thank you so much for helping me with this. I’d be happy to let you have the results of the full survey when it’s completed - it’s usually quite an eye-opener. Would you like me to send this to you? It should be in about three weeks.”

(Analysis: Nobody objects to a thank you. Don’t wait for an answer after “Would you like me to send this to you?” Move from a statement to a fact.)

 <YES> “No problem. Could I take a note of your email address please? We’ll just use this to keep you updated with Pittville Property related information and you can opt out any time.”

(Analysis: You now have consent to communicate with them further for GDPR compliance.)

 “Thank you so much.”

 OR, if they tell you in question 3 that they plan to move within the next eg six months, you could add... “Actually, if you’re thinking of moving in the next 6 months it might be worth starting to plan the early stages of this now. I’d be happy to pop round for ten minutes and give you an estimate of what your house might be worth with some clever marketing behind it. I’m only round the corner.”

(Analysis: Again, it’s not “would you like me to come round?”, the only responses to which are yes or no. This way, it seems you’re doing them a favour, which is easily delivered as you are so close by. Job done!)

Of course, don’t forget to actually create the report and email it (or better still deliver it by hand) once you have say min 200 responses. Use the report to generate local PR in the press and social media too. Create such a report every six months, but aim to speak to 10 people a day in any event - that's what the best prospectors do!

BUT, THE ABSOLUTELY BEST WAY TO GET RESULTS FROM THIS QUICKLY is to do this as a door-to-door survey. You can then add “one of your neighbours has asked me to give them a quick valuation on Tuesday at 10am and I’d be happy to pop round after that if that would suit you”

PROSPECTING WORKS! (especially when combined with something like Lead Hub.) 

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