Vendor Advice Evenings

An effective route to saleable stock

Vendor Advice Evening

Committed Sellers on a Plate!

Are you interested in attracting committed local sellers who are seriously thinking of selling or who are frustrated with their current agent or the market, who are ready for a price reduction, who are keen to hear what you have to say, and could be encouraged to switch agents?

Then why not invite award-winning estate agency trainer, Richard Rawlings to do the work for you and help you organise a Vendors’ Advice Evening at your branch or a suitable venue. The evening offers friendly, free, up-to-the-minute advice to anyone who is currently contemplating a move or who might have already chosen an agent who is not performing well enough.

What you get

You receive advert copy, mailers and invitation suggestions that you send to key prospects, and even to each of your competitors’ clients, as well as editorial content and press releases for your local newspaper and your website. Richard Rawlings will personally attend on the night, MC the event if required, provide you with a pre-written director’s introductory speech and deliver a powerful 90 minute presentation followed by a Q&A session that guarantees to have sellers begging to instruct you.

Please request a quote by email and let’s get a date in the diary!

Here’s the latest testimonial, courtesy of Chris Willey, Director of Willsons in Taunton:

One week on... (abridged version of an article that appeared in The Somerset County Gazette)

“I have to admit we were a little on edge before our seller’s Seminar last Wednesday evening at The Holiday Inn. We’d engaged a speaker of international acclaim and booked the biggest and best suite in the hotel. Large tables bowed under the weight of gallons of hot tea and coffee as 100 seats in regimented rows eagerly awaited bottoms.

But would our efforts be rewarded? It was after all a cold wet January night and would anyone be sufficiently interested to pull themselves away from the comfort of a warm fire to listen to someone giving a lecture on the confounded housing market?

Our fears were soon allayed. People started to trickle in and within half an hour that trickle became a steady stream and by 7pm we had a roomful! Our guest speaker, and estate agency trainer of the year Richard Rawlings promised sellers expert advice and valuable tips and that’s precisely what they got. With the aid of informed, objective reasoning and ingenious graphics, Richard impressed upon a captivated audience the importance of correct pricing among other ways of securing a successful sale.

A vigorous Questions and Answers session followed for well over an hour past the scheduled end time, where houses-selling anomalies were forcefully aired and it was evident that many of the attendees had suffered bad experiences.

Ducking no issues and with helpful, honest responses, Richard Rawlings tackled numerous subjects including gazumping, gazundering, stamp duty thresholds, problem sales, buyer qualification and the psychology of buying.

When Michael Willey eventually called time our speaker had to be prised away from his enthusiastic audience and with such a marvellous response it was clear that our initiative had been a resounding success and the local PR has been superb! Several valuations were booked during the evening and within a few days we secured the first of several instructions directly as a result of the event, so we have already booked Richard for two more sessions in the coming months!”

Why not book a Vendors’ Advice Evening for YOUR agency today?